Simon Orrell is a long-established furniture designer who has created custom-made pieces for interior designers and private clients since 2001.

From a workshop in the heart of London’s Chelsea Design Quarter and in the Philippines, he and his artisans create unique furniture and accessories that draw upon historic techniques and materials such as shagreen (a natural veneer used in the late 18th century to cover small decorative items) and parchment (a staple of antique bookbinding).

Simon also creates pieces in a variety of other mediums including straw marquetry, mica, eggshell veneer, gold and silver, mother of pearl, penshell and violet oyster shell.

Most recently, the company has launched the Simon Orrell Atelier diffusion range of furniture, home accessories and gifts collection, that can be ordered more readily than bespoke items, yet made with the same exacting standards as custom-made commissions.

Simon Orrell Designs has been creating exquisite furniture since 2001 and has become the UK’s leading specialist in shagreen and parchment, whether it’s creating bespoke designs or renovating and recovering original 20th century furniture.
Simon Orrell Designs
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